Even vegetarians need a little love (and hot dogs!)

Veggie dogsVeggie dog #2
I've blogged before about my life list - my compilation of things I am intent on experiencing (not so much accomplishing, it's not that kind of list) before I go paws up. One item on the list is "have a hot dog at the ballpark". Given that I don't eat mammals, this one seemed unlikely. I thought I might stumble upon a turkey dog at the ballpark, but it never occurred to me that a veggie dog was an option.

Until my father-in-law mailed me PETA's list of the Top Ten Vegetarian Friendly Ballparks. Not only do parks serving veggie dogs exist, I could even get one on my annual visit to Comerica Park (#7) in Detroit. Wahoo! The past two years I made do with nachos or chicken gyros (good, but not exactly traditional) when the whole time there were veggie dogs waiting to be found.

Last weekend, I visited Comerica to watch the Tigers beat the Pirates and knock #92 off my life list. Before the game started, I headed to the Brushfire Grill along the third base line where the dogs were supposedly sold. I'll admit I was skeptical. The Detroit crowd just didn't seem like a veggie dog lovin' bunch (I still wonder how many they sell during a given game - I'm guessing single digits).

Not only did the Brushfire Grill have veggie dogs, they also had veggie burgers and vegetarian Italian sausage. I had found the promised land! I ordered a veggie dog basket (2 dogs, not-so-delicious cole slaw, and chips), loaded the dogs up with mustard and relish, and headed to my seat.

Other than a few flecks that you wouldn't find in a beef/pork/random parts dog, the veggie dogs were indistinguishable from the real thing (confirmed by my carnivorous husband who snagged a bite). They also felt more right than chicken gyros ever could.


Craig Miyamoto said...

Veggie dogs are NOT hot dogs! Aaarghhhh!

Rebecca said...

But it was so goooooood! ;)