Pointless loyalty

This afternoon, Kurt and I are heading to the Michigan State Campus. As always, we'll feed the ducks and then head to the Dairy Store for a cone.

In addition to several rotating flavors, the Dairy Store stocks a selection of flavors named after Big 10 (Big 13? 57?) teams, such as Buckeye Blitz, Nittany White, and Purdue Tracks.

Being an IU alumna, I feel compelled to order the Hoosier Strawberry. Not because strawberry is my favorite (it isn't), but out of some warped sense of loyalty to ol' IU.

Does it matter? No. Does anyone care? Clearly not.

Still, I can't quite pass up the chance to represent the alma mater, even in a completely meaningless way. Maybe they will run out, and I'll try something new. Anything but Purdue Tracks ...

Photo by kern.justin


casch said...

I would feel as you do. I'd feel disloyal to my alma mater! Aren't we silly? :-)

Rebecca said...

They were out of Hoosier Strawberry! I got 'Honors Coffee Toffee' and melon instead. Highly recommend the coffee toffee. :)

Craig Miyamoto said...

Hmmm, alma mater loyalty? I can't think of anything USC-an, except perhaps, er ... "Trojans" ... and those have NOTHING to do with ice cream. At least nothing like "Honors Coffee Toffee," which I'm sure I would have ordered as well.