Psychoanalysis in a cone

Who knew that ice cream could be so revealing? A couple recent trips out for dessert have been very telling about Kurt's and my personalities.

Our differences are first apparent when it comes time to choose a flavor. I take a glance, see something intriguing, and call it done. Kurt ... mulls. And mulls. And then mulls some more. Then he asks for a sample. And, you guessed it, mulls.

The upshot to all this mulling and sampling: he orders vanilla.

Haw! I think the fact that I find this charming bodes well (both for our relationship and my sanity).

I never order vanilla. I know what vanilla tastes like. I want Hawaiian tropic (which I had at Ono Gelato in Paia, HI - heaven!) or coffee toffee or cantaloupe. Something I've never tried before. And no sampling - the surprise is half the fun!

My Kurt wants a sure thing, something familiar and delicious that he knows he'll enjoy. He's all about life's simple pleasures. Thus, vanilla. (He does step out now and then and more often than not says, "I shoulda had vanilla.")

On our trip to Huddles last weekend, another difference emerged. Huddles offers 8 flavors of frozen yogurt in a self-serve fashion and a couple dozen toppings ranging from coconut to M&Ms to fresh raspberries.

Kurt added a few berries and called it good. Me? I raided the bar. Gummi bears, mochi, chocolate chips, berries. I'd have added more, but a line was forming.

Again, Kurt keeps it simple. Reliable. Alright .. and healthy. Me? I unleash my inner five year old.

While we may never be able to share a dish of ice cream, I think these differences are healthy. He's the responsible one who advises caution and makes sure things work out well for us. I lighten things up and make sure we have spontaneity and new experiences. He reminds me of the simple pleasures of daily life. I take us on great adventures. We're both better for the balance, I think.

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Craig Miyamoto said...

I tend to be a coffee or vanilla guy myself. Unless it's gelato, then I tend toward the citrus. Kurt and I are definitely from Mars. You and my wife are from Venus.