Worth a look?

A sign caught out eye when we were in Hawaii last month: Coming soon ~ Braco and His Healing Gaze. There was a picture of a man with long hair, staring into the camera with a small, faintly creepy smile.

Reading on, I learned this was a Croatian healer named Braco, and for only $8, I could spend 6 minutes staring into his eyes in a hotel ballroom. Um ...

Sign me up!!!

Not that I believe that Braco can heal me, but what a wonderfully bizarre scam experience. What would the other gazees be like? Does Braco ever bust out laughing? Unfortunately, Kurt didn't think extending our time in Hawaii for my 6 minutes with Braco was a good plan. Husbands.

So I googled, hoping Braco might make his way to the midwest. What was I thinking? He'll be in Honolulu, Kona, and Maui. Braco is no fool.

Photo by katharina_z

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Craig Miyamoto said...

That works out to $1.66 for 7 minutes, and $1.68 for the last minute. Too rich for MY blood!