Burnin' down the house

We had an adventure tonight. As Kurt and I were finishing a late dinner, my dad called and said his fire detector was going off and his house smelled like smoke. Kurt rushed down to see what was going on, and I put the pets up and followed him a few minutes later.

I got there to find the entire living room and hallway filled with smoke and a horrible burning smell in the air. It seemed to be coming from ductwork leading down from the attic, but we couldn't pinpoint the source.

Kurt and I were alarmed.

My dad? Cool as a cucumber. Disturbingly so. Maybe the idea of his house being on fire was too extreme to register as a possibility to him. Maybe he's a closet Zen master. In any case, he was too calm for his own good.

I grabbed family photos, while Kurt helped convince Dad that calling 911 really was a good idea. Before too long three fire engines and various support vehicles lined the street. Men in full fire fighting gear carrying axes (!!!) started roaming the house and climbing into the attic to see what was going on.

Several neighbors stood in their driveways watching. I can't blame 'em. It's not everyday we get this kind of excitement in the burbs.

I noticed a red sportscar and an SUV driving up and down the street slowly. The SUV even stopped to openly gawk at the scene. I'm guessing he was a reporter (or lawyer perhaps?) who had been listening to the emergency band hoping for a story.

Alas, we let him down. No flames shot out of the attic, and the house is still standing. Turns out there was no fire, just a burned out electric box putting out a surprising amount of smoke. The only trauma was a shaking maltese who couldn't figure out what was happening.

Major thanks to the Castleton and Lawrence fire departments for their quick and professional response!

Photo by Daniel Y. Go


Craig Miyamoto said...

Whew! What a relief that there was no fire. But if not for your actions, there might eventually have been one.

casch said...

Ditto what Craig said! A close call indeed.