Don't step on my green (not) suede shoes

I need a new pair of sneakers. My Chuck Taylors from 1990-something have finally reached the point of no return, and I am ready for a new pair.

Yes, Chuck Taylors on a 30-something have a certain "aging wannabe hipster" quality to them that is definitely not me. Nonetheless, they have never given me a blister, and when it comes to finding shoes for my difficult feet, that is decisive. Plus, the darn things last forever.

I went to the Converse website to check out my options, only to discover that you can get these shoes in pretty much any color or design you want. You can even custom design a pair and choose everything from the inside liner to the stitching.

I didn't face this decision back when I bought my last pair because then I lived by a simple rule: Navy blue goes with everything. Thus, any "all purpose" accessories were in navy blue. And they did go with everything! Safe. Conservative. Yawn.

Thankfully, my thinking has evolved a bit. While I'm not exactly outlandish, I don't care so much if things coordinate or blend in. Life is short, and I'd prefer vivid colors that make me smile. Thus the bright red iPod and the closet full of vibrant t-shirts.

So I sorted through the options for Chucks. Yellow would be fun, since it's the one color I must absolutely never wear near my face, or maybe orange since it's so relentlessly cheerful. Grape was tempting until I saw Ali wear a pair on The Bachelorette. Somehow, it lost its pizzazz after that.

I finally whittled it down to what should have been obvious from the start. I'll just get my favorite color: green. I mentioned my idea to Kurt, and he got his "skeptical but indulgent" expression. (I see this often.) The term "clown shoes" came into play.


A decade ago, this would have driven me back to navy or charcoal, but I decided I don't really care anymore. If clown shoes make me smile, clown shoes it will be.

The only thing left to decide: kelly or piquant?

Photo by SEOULMAN66

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Craig Miyamoto said...

You've succeeded in making me laugh again! Thanks for that!

I've got a white pair and a black pair of walking sneakers, and that's it. I always worry about my cazz shooz matching my shorts. Am I neurotic? Or anal-retentive?

You decide.

(P.S. Sorry about the previous deleted comment. I misspelled "pair" and just had to correct it. Neurotic? Anal-retentive? Again, you decide.)