Actual conversation with my husband: Lawn edition

Me: Did you get the lawn mowed last night?

Husband: Yup.

Me: Wow. I'm surprised. I thought it got dark on you.

Husband: Nope, I got it done.

Me: There were geese in the back. Maybe they were eating the trimmings.

Husband: Oh, I didn't do the back.

Me: You didn't do the back?

Husband: Nope.

Me: What about the sides?

Husband: Nope. Just the front.

Me: Just the front?

Husband: Yup.

Me: That's not getting the lawn mowed.

Husband: Yes, it is. The front's the important part.

Me: (long pause) So you didn't really get the lawn mowed.

Husband: If you make dinner and there's no salad and dessert, can I say that you didn't really make dinner?

Sigh ...


Craig Miyamoto said...

Heheh ... Kurt is my kinda guy -- a comeback semanticist.

Rebecca said...

You two would get along. No doubt about that. :)