Change overload

I love South Carolina. Love the herons that fly behind the house, love the Carolina pines, love the warm weather, and of course love the beach. The decision to move here has been overwhelmingly positive. (And I didn't even mention Cheerwine and fish shacks and the delightfully quirky Southern ladies!)

That said, today was a little more change than I wanted. Nothing big, mind you, just one small thing after another until I found myself in the Food Lion parking lot thinking, "I just want to go home!" As someone who prides herself on embracing change, I was surprised to find myself chafing against it.

Everything worked out in the end (as it usually does). The new groomer does things differently, but Ernie ended up looking great. I couldn't find exactly what I was used to at the grocery, but I'll make it work. Traffic here is a little different, but it's nothing I can't handle. Who knows, some things may even turn out to be better.

Still, I wish we had technology that would make it possible to live in SC but pop back to Indy when my psyche needs a break - something along the lines of Star Trek's transporter beam. Then I could drop Ernie off at his normal vet, swing by Trader Joe's for some goodies, grab a kebab in Castleton, and be back on the beach before sunset. That's not too much to ask, is it?

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Craig Miyamoto said...

It's not too much to ask. But then, as you know, the answer is often "No." You'll adjust, soon as you learn to deal with hurricanes rushing up the coast!