They go together like chicken and waffles

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love chicken and waffles and those who have never tried chicken and waffles (but will surely love it when they do).

A dish with a long history, chicken and waffles was popularized by Roscoe's chain in Los Angeles and pops up frequently on menus around the country. I first sampled the dish at Maxine's Chicken and Waffles in downtown Indianapolis.

How good was it? Good enough that we had our engagement dinner at Maxine's. It took only a handful of bites for our perplexed families to understand why.

For the uninitiated, chicken and waffles is the pairing of fried chicken with waffles and syrup or, in the case of Maxine's, peach butter. Each bite is a study in contrast - crispy and soft, savory and sweet. While your arteries may not thank you, your mouth definitely will.

What brings chicken and waffles to mind was learning that today is National Waffle Day. I unpacked the waffle iron that I barely knew we had and will fire it up to make a batch for dinner tonight in celebration.

While I've never made waffles at home before, the dish deserves better than Eggos from the freezer section. I'm even thinking some honey butter is in order. This has the potential to supplant Thanksgiving as the best food holiday of the year.

Happy Waffle Day!

Photo by Nate Steiner

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Craig Miyamoto said...

I need do have some of this combo. Maybe I'll have lunch at Hash House A-Go-Go in Vegas. I did see it there on the menu.