Zen and the art of bubble wrap

Moving stinks.

Like, really stinks.

I thought boxing everything up was bad until I got to the part where I have to unbox everything. (I don't know where this stuff goes! Who do you think I am, Martha Stewart?)

There is, however, one upside to moving. One small ray of light in the dark sea of crates.

Bubble wrap!

The happiest part of the packing process was when I got to sit on my kitchen floor and mindlessly wrap dish after dish, sealing each with blue painter's tape. Unlike the rest of my to-do list, it was a clear task. Simple, straightforward, and with neat and tidy results.

It was meditation without the sore back.

Plus, hearing a hundred little pops each time Ernie trotted over was music to my ears.

While the unpacking experience is a bit less Zen, stomping bubble wrap is far cheaper than breaking dishes to vent frustration (like when I can't find the tv cable or my sandals or pretty much anything else I made a point not to lose).

So for all of the moving tips out there - packing necessities last, labeling your boxes, blah blah blah - the best one is this: invest in bubble wrap. Lots and lots of bubble wrap.

Your sanity will thank you.

Photo by ElizabethGreen


Craig Miyamoto said...

Pak! Pak! Pak! Pakkity Pak Pak!

mheidelberger said...

The zen properties of bubble wrap is indisputable. At my previous, rather stressful job, I would keep a stash of it in the bottom drawer just in case.

casch said...

Why is it such fun to pop bubble wrap~one of the mysteries of life!