Actual conversation with my husband: Heavy metal edition

On tv: a Def Leppard video

Me: Oh! Def Leppard! Are they the group with the midgets?

Husband: The what?

Me: The midgets!

Husband: *long pause*

Me: Seriously, there's a heavy metal group with midgets.

Husband: *long pause*

Me: They wear shorts! Midgets in shorts. That group.

Husband: You mean AC/DC?

Me: Are they midgets?

Husband: No, but they wear schoolboy shorts.

Me: And suspenders?

Husband: I think so.

Me: That's them.

Husband: But they're not midgets.

Me: Huh. But they're short, right?


TMC said...

um, wow. Rebecca. just wow.

Rebecca said...

We keep the conversation deep around our house. ;)

Craig Miyamoto said...

Midgets ............ o O ( Bwahahaha! )