10 signs that I am old

1) When the radio lands on the smooth jazz station, I no longer flip away.

2) I do not understand Lady Gaga.

3) I use the phrase "kids these days".

4) High school students look far too young to be driving.

5) Staying up all night is no longer an option (without mass quantities of Excedrin).

6) I have sent one text in my life. It was to a wrong number telling him to stop texting me.

7) I don't understand why one would want to send a text in the first place.

8) Upon seeing a dvd player inside of a minivan, I launch into a semi-coherent rant about the character building effects of boredom.

9) I don't know who half the people in the gossip mags are these days.

10) I get most of my electronics to work by randomly hitting buttons until the right thing happens.


BlondesPoopMascara.blogspot.com said...

...yet, you blog. You're one saving grace to staying connected to youth. And, tweet you do. [Mr. Blonde]

Craig Miyamoto said...

Same list for me, 'cept I can do electronics, thanks to my #2 son. I knew I was getting old when I stopped looking at high school senior girls and started looking at the younger women teachers.

Do you realize songs from the early '90s can now be classified as "oldies"?

Rebecca said...

Mr. B ~ Someone has to tell these young 'uns about the character building effects of boredom. ;)

Craig ~ Yes! We have a 90s channel down here. Blows my mind.

mheidelberger said...

Wow, I'm starting to feel old now that you mention it. Save #5 (insomnia) and #6 (text supplanted phones for me because I hate talking on the phone), all the other items apply to me as well.

Rebecca said...

Matt ~ Glad I'm not alone in my old age! I am becoming virulently anti-phone, too. My mental response to it ringing is: Why can't you just email me???