Actual conversation with my husband: Blog edition

Me: Can I blog about {charming thing he does that will remain nameless}?

Husband: No.

Me: But it's funny! 

Husband: No.

Me: But not in a bad way. Good funny. Charming funny.

Husband: No.

Me: But ... but ... the people would enjoy it. Think of the people!

Husband: No.

Me: (pout)

Husband: You're pouting.

Me: (nod)

Husband: (sigh)

Me: So I can blog about it?

Husband: (pause) 

Husband: No.

He paused! At the end there. This is a good sign, I think.


Jen said...

That's why mine is anonymous and a secret. LOL. I don't have a husband, though. Probably not a good idea to keep secrets from them.

Craig Miyamoto said...

What I do is ... I don't tell the wife I'm about to blog about something she does. Then I don't tell her I did it. *Fawz down laffinz*

casch said...

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor! :)