The emperor's new wig

Kurt and I watched Bottle Shock last weekend. Since this isn't a movie review, I won't get into the plot (good!) or the execution (bad!). Instead, I'll focus on the movie's most memorable element:

Chris Pine's wig.

Now this isn't just any wig. This wig is epic.

Imagine the lovechild of Garth from Wayne's World and Dolly Parton with a broken curling iron.

What boggles the mind is that many people were involved in making the movie - actors, directors, editors, camerapeople - and no one ever said what they must all have been thinking:

What the heck is on his head?!?

Forget the Bay of Pigs, this takes groupthink to a whole new level.

It was hard to focus on the story because I couldn't stop contemplating the dead animal on Chris Pine's noggin.

Who made it? Did they mean for it to look ridiculous? Was he mortified about it? Did someone in the costume department really hate him?

The shame is that he's a handsome guy. One glance at him strutting about as young Kirk in the Star Trek remake will show you that. And his character is supposed to be a ladies' man, so it's not that the wig was an attempt to tone down his good looks.

The most absurd scenes were those in which his character wasn't being taken seriously. Um ... let me guess why!

The whole thing is inexplicable.

I'll offer up some screenshots, but be warned that they don't do it justice. The wig in motion (or not in motion, given how stiff it was) is a wonder to behold.


casch said...

When I looked at your screen shots all I could do was laugh!pe

Craig Miyamoto said...

I once had hair like that ... IN MY DREAMS!

The Fab Miss B said...

THANK YOU! I said the same thing the moment that monstrosity appeared onscreen.

The Fab Miss B said...

P.S) You won my giddy giveaway- will you email me at thefabulousmissbATgmailDOTcom with your snail mail address so I can pop your fabulous prize in the post? xo

Rebecca said...

Miss B ~ Wahoo! Thanks! I'll mail you. :)