The first rule of book club


Wait, no, that's fight club.

The first rule of book club is, quite obviously: read the book.

This doesn't sound so hard, does it? Four weeks, one little book. Piece of cake.

Of course, I had already read this month's selection a couple years ago, so I had it in the bag. Just pop to the beach the afternoon before, give it a skim and ... have absolutely no memory of any of it.


So there I was, on the beach, realizing that while I know I've read the book, not one word or character remains in my (apparently addled) brain.

I did the only thing I could and started skimming like a crazy woman. I assumed that once I got into it things would start to stick and the story would come back.

Never. Not once.

The whole experience made me wish I'd taken one of those cheesy speed reading courses advertised on late night tv.

Instead I skimmed and skimmed and skimmed until I finally fell asleep and then woke up the next morning to skim some more. I got done with 25 minutes to spare.

While this may not be an A+ result, I thought I was in solid B territory, ready for any discussion that didn't get too terribly detailed.

I arrived and took a seat, introducing myself to the woman next to me.

I asked her what she thought of the book.

Her response, "Oh, I didn't read it."



Craig Miyamoto said...

LOL. It's hard to believe that others don't have the will or the dedication that you do, huh? Well at least you didn't read the wrong book.

casch said...

Made me laugh out loud!