The Ladies' Dog

Ernie made his first trip to the beach yesterday. While he wasn't a fan of the water (it took about 10 minutes to even get a paw in), he did like one thing about it: the ladies.

Ever since he was a pup, Ernie has preferred women to men. The minute he hears a female voice, he perks up. And when he sees a lady, he really turns on the charm. Ears back, eyes wide, head cocked. He even starts batting his lashes as he looks up at them, the little player. He treats every women he meets like they are the mostly special, wonderful person he's ever encountered.

Of course, this works like a charm. I've yet to meet a woman - even one who claims not to be a fan of dogs - who didn't coo and praise and pet and baby talk him. He, of course, eats up every minute of it.

This isn't to say he doesn't like men. Ernie pretty much likes everyone. Men just get different treatment. He wants to follow them and be part of what they're doing and strut beside them, but they don't merit the full charm assault.

Kurt and I have often said that all a single man needs to meet some girls is an afternoon out with Ernie. If we were more entrepreneurial, we'd rent the little guy out. Of course, the man in question would have to be open to meeting all kinds of women. Ernie's charm doesn't discriminate, and everyone from little girls to 90 year old women are drawn to him. (There's also the issue of a heterosexual man explaining why he's out with a purse dog, but that can be worked out.)

So Ernie is a fan of the beach, if not for the reasons we expected. I think in his mind, it's the ultimate pick-up joint - a buffet of fine ladies ready to shower him with love.

My boy may not do tricks or even obey half the time, he may be short and a bit lacking in the survival department, but there's one thing no one can deny: Ernie's got game.


Craig Miyamoto said...

Ahhh, now THERE'S a doggie after my own heart!

Susan Lawson said...

What a face! I'm charmed from 4 states away!