Move over mocha

I am a mocha-holic. I start each day with one, and they're my standard coffee shop order. This morning, however, I decided to abandon my beloved mocha in favor of something more exotic: Thai coffee.

Authentic Thai coffee is made with Oliang Powder Mix - a blend that contains coffee, corn, and soy bean. Given that all I had on hand was decaf Starbucks, we're going to call my version Thai-ish coffee.

Feel free to cut back on the milk and increase the sweetened condensed milk. From my reading, a dessert-like sweetness is authentic (but also more than I can handle first thing in the morning).

I seasoned with cardamom, but other flavorings such as cinnamon and almond extract may also be used.

While it won't replace my morning mocha, I enjoyed my Thai-ish coffee. It's definitely something I'll make again. I think anyone who likes chai tea would probably enjoy it as well.

Thai-ish iced coffee

4 oz. coffee concentrate (from cold brewing) or strongly brewed coffee
4 oz milk
2 T sweetened condensed milk
1/4 t ground cardamom
optional: cinnamon, almond extract

Blend all ingredients and serve over ice.

Photo by moominmolly

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Craig Miyamoto said...

Ahhh, sounds good. Now if I could just get someone to make it for me in the morning ... or for an afternoon pick-me up.