Actual conversation with my husband: Dream edition

Me: I had a bad dream.

Husband: Mmm.

Me: Seriously. BAD!

Husband: What happened?

Me: I had a demon following me around.

Husband: (raises an eyebrow)

Me: And he didn't hurt me, but whenever my back was turned he wreaked havoc.

Husband: (suspiciously silent)

Me: At one point, he tried to suffocate you when I was out of the room.

Husband: Was he grey?

Me: No.

Husband: Long haired?

Me: No, he was short and bald.

Husband: Mmm hmm.

Me: Why are you looking at the cat?!

Husband: No reason.


Craig Miyamoto said...

*Fawz down laffinz*

casch said...

Oh Lordie, this made me laugh out loud!