Not so a-maze-ing, really

I love labyrinths.

Wait, let me amend that.

I love labyrinths, in theory.

In practice, what is advertised as a labyrinth is often of the contemplative nature rather than the ... say ... Jack Nicholson in The Shining with an axe nature. (I'm looking at you, Brookgreen Gardens!)


Not awesome:

Yes, I know meditation and contemplation and all that spiritual stuff is good for you.

I got it. You walk, you contemplate, you become a better person.


I want a true hedge maze. With high walls and mystery lurking around every corner.

I want a minotaur in the center devouring young adventurers.

I want danger, the unknown, the potential to get hopelessly lost.

I want Jack Nicholson with an axe, darnit!

Enlightenment has got nothing on that.

Photo by allatan

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Craig Miyamoto said...

Come to Oahu and try the Pineapple Plantation maze. It's supposed to be one of the largest.