Ernie knows best

Dog on the move
I'm trying to do the Daily Shoot assignments as much as possible this year.

Today's assignment is 'Motion' and after an embarrassing attempt with the neighborhood fountain, I decided to focus on the pets. The cats were out since, well, they're cats. They move on their own terms and have some kind of feline ESP that makes them do the exact opposite of what I want.

Ernie, on the other hand, is loyal, obedient (mostly), and above all, eager to please. He is the Anti-Cat.

My brilliant (?) idea was to put Ernie in a sit-stay down the hall, set up in the living room, and capture him running toward me when I called for him to come.

Ernie did his part. He sat. He ran. His ears flopped, and he looked suitably dogly.

Mommy, on the other hand, managed to flub the focus several times, forgot to up the ISO, and generally kept causing the poor little dog to repeat his big moment because of one snafu or another.

To reward Ernie for his patience, I took him into the kitchen for a treat. While he ate, I made sure everything was in place. I was certain the next set of shots would work out.

What I forgot was the Ernie Factor.

Having realized that there were treats in the kitchen ("Oh boy! Oh boy!"), the little man didn't want to play our sit-stay-run game anymore. Instead, he ignored my every command and sniffed endlessly around the spot where the magic bite of kibble had appeared.

After minutes of commanding and begging and finally nudging, I got him back by the door in his sit-stay.

I assumed my position in the living room and yelled for him to come.

I heard pawsteps down the hall, followed by nails clicking on the kitchen tile, and then obsessive sniffing.

"Ernie!", I yelled impatiently. "Come to Mommy!"

He peered at me around the corner and, realizing I was serious, slowly sauntered toward me ... through a wonderful patch of bright sunshine.

Just in time, I snapped a shot and caught him rounding the corner (looking not the least bit contrite, I might add).

Voila! Mission accomplished.

I may have found my new art director.


Craig Miyamoto said...

The magic moments come at the best of unplanned times.

Ernie ... my kinda guy!

mheidelberger said...

In my experience, cats are notoriously difficult to photograph! My cats almost seem conscious of not giving me the satisfaction of a good shot (even my blind one that can't see what's going on, she always knows I'm reaching for the camera).